Health and Safety Handbook

It is the philosophy of JIES that each student and employee of the School has the right to study and work in an environment that is free of health and safety hazards and is protected as far as possible against the risks of contagious diseases or conditions. However, the School cannot take on the role of being or choosing a primary health-care or public health provider for students, employees, or parents.

The School Board charges the Administration with the task of ensuring that adequate facilities, supplies, procedures, inspections, and screening routines are in place to protect the health and safety of the school community. In addition, the Principal shall ensure that the School establishes procedures and guidelines for dealing with emergencies or incidents (such as fire, earthquake, or intrusion by suspicious individuals).

JIES Health and Safety Handbook

Parents / Students Handbook

This handbook is meant for parents and students who have already been accepted to JIES with the hopes of providing them with answers to their questions. If, after reading this handbook, you still have questions, please do not hesitate to contact the school. If someone is looking to be admitted to JIES, please see an administrator for a separate packet of information, which details admission policies, admission and enrolment fees, and the admission procedure.

JIES Parent - Student Handbook

PTA Handbook

The primary objective of Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is to help the school build an enjoyable and fruitful educational environment by facilitating a cooperative relationship between the parents and the school. As the school grows and the number of student increases, the PTA plays an important role in ensuring better communication, cooperation and coordination between parents and teachers in the raising and educating of students. Parent involvement is not compulsory at JIES; nonetheless, we encourage our parents to participate in as many activities as they can because there is a lot to do for our students.

JIES PTA Handbook