Day Care

Day Care (SIS’s students only)



Days and Hours 日時:

On school days              登校日         15:30 ~ 18:00

On non-school days    登校日以外        08:30 ~ 18:00

There will be no daycare service during winter holiday, golden week, public holidays and between summer school last day and the first day of following academic year.



How to use ご利用方法:


Students can use Day Care service paying annual fee.

Day Care service can also be used by paying the daily fee. Day Care Fee: 1400 Yen/hour.

* その都度保育料を支払い、預かり/学童保育を利用できます。

Please apply by 12:00 on the day before to use day care.

* ご利用の際に前日の12:00までにお電話またはメールでお申し込み下さい。


Payment Method お支払い方法:

Fee is paid termly together with other school fees.


165,000 JY                Term 1:             September ~ December            第一期 (9月~12月)

120,000 JY                Term 2:            January ~ March                        第二期 (1月~3月)

165,000JY                 Term 3:             April ~ July                                 第三期 (4月~7月)


Summer School  サマースクール期間:

There will be 4-weeks summer school during non-school days.

* 登校日以外の日程で4週間のサマースクールを予定しております。

Daycare Students have to  attend summer school and pay summer school’s  fee.

* 学生は追加費用を支払いしてサマースクールに参加できます。


Day Care Activities  学童保育の内容:

Day Care activities will mainly be based on free play and self study.


There will be another snack time during daycare hours.

* 午後の保育時間中におやつの時間を設けますので、利用する方はご準備をお願いします。

Depending on the season, school may hire a teacher for daycare supervision only.